The place of metamorphosesThe Wine Cellar

Shop and reception spaceGuest reception area

Any visit to Viile Metamorfosis starts from the Reception Hall. In the spirit of metamorphoses, it is decorated with parquet made from old barrel staves from the previous winery. Thus, the wood received a new life.

While here, you can also read many materials about the winery.  Don’t forget to get some wines at the manufacturer’s price.

OutdoorPrimary vinification area

The refurbishment of the winery has brought an important change. The entire grape processing area has been moved to the back of the winery. The advantage is that this position completely eliminates the risk of CO2 poisoning.

Viile Metamorfosis winery has modern equipment for fast processing of the grapes: a reception hopper, sorting tables, crusher, heat exchanger, presses, filters, and stainless steel tanks. The cisterns have automatically controlled temperature mechanisms to ensure optimal conditions for wine and to save energy.

Winemaking in concrete tanksTank room

Vinification in concrete was specific to the communist era. The cisterns inside were kept and reconditioned, while the ones outside were demolished.

Currently, the winery has 32 concrete tanks of 24,500L and one of 110,000L. They were covered with food resin so that the wine did not come into contact with the concrete. Other improvements include temperature control elements, inspection and sanitation doors, a sampling valve, and level glass.

Did you know that before the 1990s, concrete cisterns were lined with glass bricks to prevent wine from coming into contact with concrete?

The elegance of oak woodBarrel room

Many elegant wines require maturation in barriques (oak barrels with a capacity of 225-228 l). They should be kept at a constant temperature of 13-17 ° C and a humidity of 70-80%, usually in a cellar.

As the winery did not have an appropriate underground space, a special one was created, closing half of the winery area. Air conditioning tools have been installed to provide the ideal conditions for the barrels stored here.

Currently, the winery has approximately 200 barrels of French, Hungarian, and Romanian oak, but the generous space offers the opportunity to host many more in the future.

Tuscan inspirationTuscan inspiration

Unlike barrels, oak vats also called “big wood” do not transfer additional flavors to the wine, having only the role of micro-oxygenation.

We have several such containers in the cellar, with capacities of 5000l, respectively 7500l.

The use of vats is an element of Tuscan inspiration, being a common element of the Marchese Antinori wineries.

High standards of hygieneBottling line

Investments in the refurbishment of the winery also targeted the bottling area, divided into 3 sub-areas: the air conditioning space for empty bottles, the bottling monoblock, and the labeling and capping monobloc.

Disinfection of bottles is done by rinsing them with chlorinated water, washing them with softened water and sterilization with UV rays. This step is essential so that the wine is not contaminated and maintains its properties for as long as possible.

Bottling under these conditions is a mark of high-quality wines produced in a certified unit according to European standards.