A story of metamorphosesOur history

Established in1949

The building where the Viile Metamorfosis winery exists today was built in 1949 and was originally part of the Vinalcool Prahova wineries, along with assets that now belong to other wineries in the region. During the communist period, important quantities of grape wines from the region were vinified here. The technology of the time included horizontal rotating tanks and concrete tanks placed outside (these were demolished) and inside, currently refurbished.


Part of the Halewood Wineries

Halewood is one of the foreign companies that invested in the Romanian wine industry, dominated by the state sector before 1989. In 1998 they acquired Vinalcool Prahova through privatization.  The British company Halewood obtains the majority stake and controls the assets of the winery which includes the production area and the Urlățeanu mansion. The winery was in the state shown in the pictures, which meant a lot of investments.

The beginning of Vitis Metamorfosis2009

In 2009 the majority stake of the winery is purchased by the Italian group Marquis Antinori who owns wine businesses in Europe, the USA, and South America. The other shareholders are Halewood (which will remain until 2013) and the Rista family, of which Fiorenzo Rista is the winery’s winemaker and development manager.

Major investments, European funds2010-2013

The winery has reached its current form through a major investment process using European funds for modernization, consolidation, and refurbishment. The works were completed in 2013 when the first campaign took place.

From the very beginning, the winery has been equipped to produce organic wines, making sustainability one of the core values of the company.

Viile Metamorfosis-innovation, sustainability and wine tourism2014-present

The winery was inaugurated in September 2014, during a festivity attended by the members of the Antinori family. Viile Metamorfosis winery aims to produce wines that reflect the potential of the Dealu Mare area, adhering to the ecological philosophy as much as the specifics of the area allow.

Since 2019, the Viile Metamorfosis winery is part of Dealu Mare Association with whom they actively take part in events to promote wine tourism and the local potential.