The winery team

Chief oenologistFiorenzo Rista

Fiorenzo Rista is the winemaker of Viile Metamorfosis winery. He studied viticulture in Italy. In 1998 he decided to come to Romania. It was a challenge; a friend told him about an investment in the wine sector in Romania that needed an oenologist willing to move there to grow the business both technically and from a product-development perspective.

In September 1998, he left Italy with a one-year contract with Vinarte, and he is still here.

Fiorenzo was delighted from the first moment by the vineyards in Romania and fell in love with the Dealu Mare area, where there is an ideal terroir for vine cultivation. He is one of the oenologists who have made a decisive contribution to the Romanian wine industry in the last 20 years, signing some of the most successful labels on the market.

In 2008, he partnered with the famous Antinori family, and the Viile Metamorfosis company began to grow.

He loves local varieties such as Feteasca Neagra, Feteasca Regala, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, and Negru de Dragasani, a grape variety that Fiorenzo believed in from the beginning. He realized that it has great potential. He brought it from the Dragasani area and planted it in his vineyards in Dealu Mare in 2005.

Lucretia Samoila
Vine grower

Lucretia Samoila

Daniel Coman - inginer horticultor
Horticultural Engineer

Daniel Coman

Chief economist

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Adrian Firescu

The vineyard team

Horticultural Engineer

Emilian Elisei

Team lead vine growers

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Dumitru Dorin Oprea

Agricultural worker

Zaharia Dumitru

Agricultural worker

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Agricultural worker

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Agricultural worker

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Agricultural worker

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The sales team

Development manager HORECA

Nicolae Dogaru

Area sales manager

Gabi Dragnea

Hospitality & Marketing manager

Beatrice Elisei