Marchesi Antinori

A family businessMarchesi Antinori

The Antinori family has been producing and selling wine for over 600 years, since Giovanni di Piero Antinori became, in 1385, a member of the Florentine oenologists’ guild, “Arte Fiorentina dei Vinattieri”. Albiera Antinori, who leads Marchesi Antinori’s group with her sisters, Allegra and Alessia, represents the 26th generation animated by respect for tradition and the passion for discovering new vineyards to make quality wines and the intuition of the best choices.

Antinori continuously experiments with their vineyards and wineries, with the selection of local and international varieties, cultivation methods, the altitude of the vineyards, the fermentation methods, and the temperatures, with traditional and modern vinification techniques. They are not afraid to play with wood essences, barrel types and experiment with aging in the bottle.

The family owns viticultural properties mainly in Italy, Tuscany, and Umbria, in other areas such as Chile, Malta, the USA, or Hungary, and Romania, in Dealu Mare.

In memoriamGiancorrado Ulrich

He will remain in our memory as

Passionate about wines, he has shown over time an extraordinary intuition for business. He was the honorary president of Viile Metamorfosis, a company in the potential of which he believed the second he first arrived in Romania, in 2001. Impressed by the quality of the local wines, he convinced Marquis Antinori and John Halewood. He co-opted the oenologist Fiorenzo Rista, who will be actively involved in the development of the company. Within Vitis Metamorfosis, Giancorrado Ulrich focuses on building a brand of premium, sustainable wines that stand out through the quality of the finished product and the way it was obtained. He is the one who proposed the name of the company, but also of the brands “Cantus Primus”, respectively “Colțul Pietrei”.

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The family's history plays an important role in our philosophy, but it has never restrained our innovative spirit.