Viile Metamorphosis – Merlot

An elegant Merlot, which offers an excellent balance between fruitiness (black cherries, sour cherries, blackcurrants) and the velvety sensations given by the beautifully rounded tannins of the time spent in barrels, which also added spicy notes. A wine of delicious compromises.

33,00 lei

Weight 1,5 kg





Red, dry






Dealu Mare DOC – CMD

Gold Medal IWCB Vinarium
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The spirit of the wine

Cui îi este dedicat

A wine generally appreciated by ladies, due to its non-aggressive aromas and tannins. A wine suitable for those who appreciate more balance than aggression.

Alege Merlot

If you want to make the right choice. It is that wine with which you cannot fail, which will be simultaneously appreciated by novices for its fruity taste and by connoisseurs for the velvety sensations given by the tannins nicely rounded by the time spent in barrels, which added spicy notes as well.

Order a Merlot Viile Metamorfosis when you want a wine that is as pleasant next to food as well as just a companion for conversations.

Intenția enologului

The Viile Metamorfosis selection aims to bring to the public wines with an excellent quality/price ratio and to cover a wide range of preferences. In each of these wines, Fiorenzo Rista wanted to highlight the best characteristics of the used varieties, and of the Dealu Mare area.



Because Merlot has a medium body and a lot of balance, it is recommended with dishes with sauces. It is suitable for pasta with red sauce, meatballs in sauce, veal in the oven,

For vegetarians, we recommend it to be served with eggplant dishes (baba ganoush) or cheese tortellini.


Viile Metamorphosis – Merlot is the perfect wine for Electric Castle, in the rain, obviously!

Photo: Electric Castle 2016

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