Via Marchizului – Fetească Neagră

A wine tribute to the Marquis of Antinori, is the manifesto of the boldness and skill of the winemaker. Feteasca Neagra is a fresh, full-bodied, strongly flavored wine with round, well-pronounced tannins and a long-lasting aftertaste

79,00 lei

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The spirit of the wine

Cui îi este dedicat

The bottles in the Via Marchizului collection are tribute wines for the Marquis Piero Antinori, so every year there is this challenge of creating a wine that is worthy of the owner’s appreciation.

Via Marchizului means sustainability and is a sign of quality, and the bottles bearing this label are created in limited quantities, for those who know how to appreciate the meticulousness that leads to perfection.

Alege fetească Neagră

If you appreciate the power of local varieties and believe that Romanian wine has a say. When you’re looking for a full-bodied, full-flavored red wine.

Order a Feteasca Neagra (Black Maiden) when you want a wine in which round, well-pronounced tannins give you a velvety feel as well as a long-lasting aftertaste.

Intenția enologului

Feteasca Neagra in Dealu Mare is a perfect choice for the terroir.

The area of 1.28 ha of Feteasca Neagra, replanted in 2010, is cultivated using the organic methods
and is isolated from the rest of the vineyards to allow special treatment.



The round and powerful tannins pair well with stuffed pork or beef tenderloin, baked in wine sauce. Wine is also a good companion for mature cheeses.

For vegetarians, we recommend the mushrooms stew with polenta.


Via Marchizului – Feteasca Neagră

Being a local wine and bringing out the national spirit, it is a perfect match when enjoying local folklore. It can be enjoyed at the Museum of Folk Art “Prof. Dr. Nicolae Minovici” while discovering the folk costumes of each area.

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