Via Colțul Pietrei – Syrah

A wine dedicated to those who already love the spicy taste of Syrah and are looking for a bottle that offers a perfect balance between structure, the flavor of red and black fruits and fine aromas due to aging in oak barrels.

58,00 lei

Weight 1,5 kg



Red, dry



Aciditate totala


Zaharuri reducatoare




Regiune viticolă

Dealu Mare DOC – CMD

Gold Medal IWCB Vinarium
Silver Medal Syrah du Monde
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The spirit of the wine

Who is it for?

The wines from the Via Colțul Pietrei range are designed for those who already love certain varieties and are looking for memorable, expressive bottles with personality.

This Syrah is for those who prefer full-bodied wines, with strong aromas and spicy taste and a long and complex aftertaste.

Choose Syrah

If you like robust wines, with a well-defined structure in nicely balanced tannins of alcohol and acidity. When you crave aromas of red and black fruits, accompanied by spices (nutmeg, black pepper, cloves) and bitter chocolate.

Order the Syrah when you have time to give it the opportunity to open up in the decanter, and leisurely listen to its story.


In this wine, Fiorenzo Rista wanted to highlight the potential of the Dealu Mare area for red grapes specific to warm areas. Via de la Colțul Pietrei has a south-eastern exposure, offering the optimal conditions to ripe evenly. The wine obtained was matured in oak barrels, thus taming the strong tannins. The result is expressive, with the potential for aging.



A wine that can handle complex dishes, beef, lamb or game. Combine it with ribs with sauce, Osso Bucco, baked lamb steak or wild boar goulash. It can also be a great base for wine sauces.

For vegetarians, it can be served with matured cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano or Gouda, grilled vegetables and lentil dishes.


Coltul Pietrei – Syrah Syrah is directly related to the genesis of wine. Therefore, for the beauty of the antithesis, it would be beautifully open in National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Photo: MNAC

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