Via Colțul Pietrei – Sauvignon Blanc

A wine dedicated to those who already love Sauvignon Blanc and are looking for memorable, expressive bottles, with personality. Impresses with minerality, freshness and aromas of fresh fruit, from apricot to mango.

51,00 lei

Weight 1,5 kg

Sauvignon Blanc




White, dry



Aciditate totala


Zaharuri reducatoare




Regiune viticolă

Dealu Mare DOC – CMD

Silver Medal Concours Mondial du Sauvignon
Silver Medal IWCB Vinarium
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The spirit of the wine

Cui îi este dedicat

The wines from the Via Colțul Pietrei range are designed for those who already love certain varieties and are looking for memorable, expressive bottles with personality.

Sauvignon Blanc is a variety as widespread as it is versatile, and even between the wines produced by us, there are surprising differences from one year to the next, which make you come back, out of curiosity.

Alege Sauvignon Blanc

If you feel like a refreshing wine in which you can find both exotic fruits (mango, papaya) and orchard fruits (apricots, peaches), practically summer in a glass.

Order Sauvignon Blanc when you want to escape, at least mentally, to a sunny beach in Australia. Serve cold at 6-8 degrees and find out how the flavors develop while warming slightly in the glass.

Intenția enologului

New World or Old World? This is the question to which Fiorenzo Rista did not want to give a definitive answer, but let the grapes express themselves differently every year. Via de la Colțul pietrei benefits from excellent climatic conditions, sun exposure and calcareous soils that are finally found as an explosion of aromas and minerality. The wines generally have a medium body and a long aftertaste.



The high acidity of the wine is recommended along with fish dishes, including fatty fish, such as baked salmon. Delicious with shrimp with cocktail sauce. Intense aromatic notes also recommend it for more exotic cuisines, such as Thai or Vietnamese, provided that the dishes are not spicy.

For vegetarians, we recommend any salad with as much greenery as possible, goat cheese and herbs.


Coltul Pietrei – Sauvignon Blanc On any of the warm evenings at TIFF , this wine will be a reliable companion that will make you pleasantly chill you out.

Photo: Vlad Cupșa, Facebook TIFF

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