Via Colțul Pietrei – Chardonnay

A wine dedicated to those who already love slightly barricaded Chardonnay and are looking for an elegant and balanced specimen, with aromas of citrus, herbs and orchards. A round wine, but full of freshness.

52,00 lei

Weight 1,5 kg





White, dry






Dealu Mare DOC – CMD

Bronze Medal International Wine Challenge
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The spirit of the wine

Who is is for?

The wines from the Via Colțul Pietrei range are designed for those who already love certain varieties and are looking for memorable, expressive bottles with personality.

A wine for those who prefer the barricaded Chardonnay, more unctuous without being greasy, looking for complexity in the wine and have the patience to let it grow in the glass, enjoying it drop by drop.

Choose Chardonnay

If you fancy a creamy wine, with a fine and elegant texture, which combines the aromas of Mediterranean herbs with those of white flowers, apricots and pears.

Order Chardonnay when you want a touch of luxury, but with a slight aroma of vanilla smoke, which comes from partial fermentation, followed by maturation in oak barrels.

Serve cold at 8 degrees and find out how the flavors develop while warming slightly in the glass.

winemaker's intention

Chardonnay is the best known variety for white wines and can produce wines in all price and quality levels. The aim was to create an elegant, round sample, in which quality takes precedence over quantity. Via de la Colțul pietrei benefits from excellent climatic conditions, sun exposure and calcareous soils that are finally found as an explosion of aromas and minerality. The wines generally have a medium body and a long aftertaste.



A wine suitable for fish dishes (halibut, codfifsh) or poultry with white sauces, based on butter. It can also be served with pork medallion with cream sauce and mushrooms.

For vegetarians, it can be served with pan-fried haloumi or pasta with a creamy white sauce.


Corner of the Stone – Chardonnay It would be beautifully open in the Big Square or in the Small Square at FITS. Well cooled, it integrates perfectly into the beauty of the Sibiu festival.

Photo: Facebook FITS

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