Cantus Primus – Merlot

A wine designed to be aged and ennobled over the years. A velvety Merlot, characterized by notes of small red fruits, complemented by balsamic notes due to the period of maturation in wooden casks for 18 months. The wine has a long and persistent finish.

93,00 lei





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The spirit of the wine

Who is it dedicated to?

Cantus Primus is the signature of our winery and means bottled excellence. Each bottle in this range is designed to satisfy demanding tastes, which already have great wines in their taste memory. It is for those who believe that good things take time and see this as a pleasure and a challenge.

Choose Merlot Cantus Primus

If you want to understand the full potential of this prized variety. The Merlot in this range has the elegance of a red velvet ball gown.

A wine with an intense ruby red colour, characterized by notes of small red fruits, complemented by balsamic notes due to the maturation period in wooden casks for 18 months. The wine is velvety, supported by an excellent finish with intense fruity aromas giving a long and persistent finish. The aftertaste gives pleasant fruity sensations.

The intention of the winemaker

Merlot was added to the Cantus Primus range in 2020 to highlight the quality of the wines that can be made from this variety in Dealu Mare. The Dealu Mare wine region was hit by hail towards the end of spring. This factor had a major impact on the crops, halving the harvest. Grapes enjoyed access to more mineral, physico-chemical and high sugar content resources.



Merlot is a versatile, tasty wine that goes well with saucy dishes such as braised oxtail, marinated meatballs, burgers, roast veal. It’s also delicious with dark chocolate and berry desserts.

Vegetarians can enjoy a glass of merlot alongside mushroom dishes such as a truffle risotto, grilled portobello mushrooms and pasta with red sauce.


Cantus Primvs – Merlot A wine that originated in France and is loved in the Western world can be enjoyed in the shadow of the Museum of Old Western Europe Art.

Photo: Hai la Plimbare

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