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Viile Metamorfosis

Romanian winery with a long-standing tradition from Dealu Mare, part of the Marchesi Antinori group.

Viile Metamorfosis – the place where the entrepreneurial spirit of the Antinori Family and the oenological expertise of Fiorenzo Rista transform passion and work into wine. The biggest asset of our winery is our team. People give, every day, the energy needed for the project to grow.

We believe in the strength and perfection of nature, that’s why we chose to vinify, more and more, in an eco way.

We are transparent with our entire process and we are always happy to open the winery for curious guests to meet us.

``We strongly believe in the potential of Romanian viticulture.`` Piero Antinori

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    An explosion of colors and tastes for those who want to experience accessibility and diversity at a fair price.

    It is our entry-level collection, and here you will find most of our wines. Why? Because it is our deep conviction that every producer deserves to be judged here, when entering the portfolio, and we can’t wait to meet.

    he range offers a generous selection of international and domestic varieties, an example of grapes that thrive in our vineyards in Dealu Mare, valued either as a single-grape variety or in blends.

    The style of the wines emphasizes the character of the grape varieties, and the maturation in oak barrels, of small or large capacity, was used only for red wines and only to bring an extra complexity and elegance.



    A special plot, which gives rise to refined wines with a good aging capacity. A parallel between Romanian and international varieties.

    It is cultivated on Plaiul Viticol Fințeşti in the area that convinced the Marquis Piero Antinori to start the project from Dealu Mare vineyard, being also the first purchased area.

    The area of 1.28 ha of Feteasca Neagra, replanted in 2010, is cultivated using the organic methods.



    A rugged terrain, a few plots where the terroir brings out the best in grapes. Wines for successful moments.

    These wines come from three distinct plots of our vineyard Colțul Pietrei, hidden on a secluded hill of Plaiul Viticol Năieni from Dealu Mare Vineyard.

    The 6.86 hectares cultivated with Sauvignon Blanc, 1.45 hectares dedicated to the Chardonnay variety, and 5.2 hectares planted with Syrah were isolated from the vineyard due to their superiority. This superiority is due to a combination of soil, topography, precipitation, light, and sun heat.



    Our poetic art, the essence of metamorphoses. Wines created with the intention of showing the whole world the special qualities and highlighting the potential of the Dealu Mare area. Designed to be offered and stored for a long time.

    Launched in 2009, Cantvs Primvs was the first wine created by us, from which the name of the wine and the year written in Roman figures on the label came. Initially, only Cabernet Sauvignon was produced under this brand during three consecutive harvests: 2007, 2008 and 2009.

    Concentrated, unique, elegant and sophisticated, the wines have demonstrated the level of excellence that Romania can achieve. Relatively recently, our best Fetească Neagră joined the original, with the intention of showing the whole world the special qualities that this local red variety has.